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Buying or selling a home is exciting…and nerve wracking! If you are in the process of purchasing your first home, or if you are a pro at selling commercial real estate, one thing is certain – you need a good lawyer.

Real Estate Law can be tricky. It changes often and there are almost always more than one party involved. Any contract or process is not one that you should attempt to navigate on your own, even if you have many transactions under your belt.

Fortunately, the team at Gandhi Selim Law is ready to guide you through the somewhat chopping Real Estate Law waters from as far north as Belvidere to as far south as Joliet; we cover most of the Chicagoland area and are ready to assist you, where you are located. We have years of experience working with first time home buyers, new sellers, and even real estate veterans. We can assist you if you have questions or need representation for residential matters or for commercial properties.

During a typical residential transaction, we come on board before or immediately after an offer has been sent. We walk beside you for an average of 6 weeks, which is typically how long an uneventful residential transaction takes. We are there to help you review contracts and will applaud for you at the closing when you receive your keys.

But sometimes, Real Estate Law in the Chicagoland area isn’t always typical. In those cases of litigation or worry, the team at Gandhi Selim Law is devoted to your case from start to finish, no matter how long it takes. We make sure to protect your investment or your property, and assure that you are well represented in any concerns or questions that may pop up. With our years of experience working closely with buyers and sellers, we are confident that we can guide you through this transaction and get you a positive outcome.

Whether you are an inexperienced buyer or a pro at selling, a good lawyer can make your real estate experience even better. We offer a free 30 minute consultation for any new inquiry; let’s get started together.

Give us a call today; we’ll walk through your residential or commercial investment together.

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