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Labor Law

Labor Law



The employee-employer relationship is an important one, and Labor Law exists to protect both parties. However, it is nearly impossible for even the most experienced leader to navigate the Labor Law world without the assistance of expert counsel.

The team at Gandhi Selim Law is well suited to represent your business in all aspects of Labor Law. Not only do we know the law and keep abreast of all changes that may affect your specific business, we also pride ourselves on being a relationship based firm. This means that we get to know you and your business, keeping your mission and vision for the future at the forefront of our minds as we counsel and advocate for your best interests.

We are able to give you advice and guidance to policy and procedure best practices, as well as to answer any of your questions or concerns as situations pop up over the course of your day. We aim to be readily available to or clients, and do so by answering phone calls and emails quickly, giving you the information you need to conduct your business efficiently and without delay.

It is our hope that you will retain our expert services for the life of your business, as that allows us to give you extremely personalized care and advice as we watch your business grow and change. However, we are also experts at joining you on a single case basis, and we are ready to aggressively advocate for your business.

Don’t put your business in financial or legal jeopardy; you worked too hard to have a Labor Law dispute or concern give you trouble. Allow us to advise you on your current practices, guide you into the future, and advocate for you in the courtroom or boardroom as necessary.

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