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Business Start Ups

Business Start Ups



Do you have a great idea for a business but you aren’t quite sure how to make it happen? Or perhaps you have a product that you think people will love, but you have no idea how to start the process. No matter where you are in the business start-up process, you need a few things – encouragement, support, and counsel.

The team at Gandhi Selim Law is ready to be on your team, guiding you through the business start-up phase. We love watching our clients come in for our first consultation, full of passion and ideas but confused on how to turn a business dream into a reality. It is our honor and pleasure to come alongside you and get you set up with a business plan that includes protection of your assets and ideas.

Most business owners need a plan to guide them through the first steps of launching their business responsibly. Our team is ready to help you set up your corporation or LLC, as well as to get you started with contracts that you will need initially in your business.

If you aren’t quite sure what type of company to set up, we can help you. Our team can illustrate the differences between LLC, Corporation, PLLC, and PC, telling you what each option means to you and your business. We understand the small nuances for each business option and will guide you in the best direction for your situation.

The key to a good business start-up is to have an experienced counsel with you to set your business up for success from the very beginning. At Gandhi Selim Law, we will work to eliminate the chance of any unpleasant surprises during your first few years of business, when you are especially susceptible to legal and financial confusion.

We want to get to know you and your business ideas. More importantly, we want to take that information and give you what you need to succeed. For years we have watched our clients launch successful businesses after we helped them behind the scenes. We are proud of our contributions and love to see our clients succeed in their entrepreneurial career.

Whether you want to start a boutique business to run during your free time or if you want to leave your full-time job to pursue your business idea, we are here to cheer you on and give you the guidance you need.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation for any new inquiry; let’s get started together. Call us today; your business is safe with us.

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