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Criminal Law

If you find yourself seeking counsel due to a criminal charge or case, you can feel overwhelmed and nervous quickly. How will you know how to choose the right representation? After all, a criminal law attorney needs to not only advocate for you and your rights, but must also be committed to getting you the best possible outcome during your case. Finding the right attorney for your side of the aisle in a criminal case can be the key in keeping you from paying fines and even from spending time in jail.


Fortunately, the team at Gandhi Selim Law is well equipped to walk you through this tumultuous time. We strive to get not only your side of the story, but also to navigate you through the criminal law process, including any courtroom time that may be necessary. We work to make the “best case” of the “worst scenario” and help you understand the legal implications of your case.


Your Story

A foundational cornerstone of Gandhi Selim Law is the relationship with our clients. We are ready to hear your story and maintain confidentiality as you bring us into your situation. With respect and care, we learn more about the circumstances that led you to your current case and promise to advocate for you throughout our time representing you.


Your Rights

If you are like many people, you may not be sure of what your rights are during any law proceeding. In criminal law, these fundamental rights become even more important. When you choose representation from Gandhi Selim Law, you can be confident that your rights are our number one concern. We will protect you, advocate for you, and argue accordingly in the courtroom. Further, hiring us can help expedite time in the courtroom and even increase the opportunities we have to facilitate plea deals on your behalf.


Your Outcome

Finally, our team is focused on getting the best possible outcome for your case. Our criminal law clients can rest in the fact that we will exhaust every opportunity and avenue during the litigation process. If you are struggling with the possibility of expensive fines, community service, or even jail, let us come alongside you to work for an outcome that will be the most beneficial for your case.


If you are the subject of a criminal law accusation or proceeding, don’t go any further without representation from an attorney who is experienced and ready to advocate for you. Give us a call for a free 30 minute consultation so that we can hear more about your situation and begin a plan together.

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