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Fiercely Advocating for Our Clients, Every Time.

Finding a lawyer can feel even more overwhelming that the legal issue you are facing. Chances are, if you are facing a family law situation, you want a lawyer that will see your side of the issue and work to give you the best outcome. If you are seeking guidance for a business or real estate issue, you want to find representation that has experience with setting up business owners for success.

If you are searching for a lawyer who gets results that make clients feel pleased and reassured, look no further. The Gandhi Selim Law team is here to represent you in your professional and personal endeavors.

The team at Gandhi Selim Law is a relationship based practice that takes the time to get to know clients and their professional, and personal, goals. With years of experience in our various practice areas and a dedication to getting the background of the situation, we are able to give legally sound and reliable advice to our clients.

Unsure if our team is the best to assist you in your case? Give us a call. We would love the opportunity to hear more about your situation or concern, and offer our recommendations for going forward. We are honored any time our clients choose us to walk beside them during important times in their life. From divorce to business start-ups, we are ready to aggressively advocate for you while keeping your goals at the forefront.

Let’s get started today, working together for your best interests. Give us a call to set up your free 30 minute consultation;

we’d be honored to partner with you.

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Rajvi Gandhi Selim did an exceptional job helping with the closing of our home! She had our best interests in mind. She was thorough, details oriented and even took the time to explain everything. She had the ability to make a stressful situation into a simple and straight forward one.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Renee for this awesome 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review for me. It was a pleasure helping you.
Gandhi Selim Law was the best decision we made. They did everything for us perfectly, they made it so simple we couldn't be any happier with our decision.Than you very much.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Dennis for this awesome 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review!
The entrance and front office is a shared space and is a mess
Good People to work with.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Jacob for taking the time to do awesome review for me. Rajvi 🙂
Rajvi was extremely professional and was able to get my house sold quickly. I would recommend her to anyone.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Robin for taking the time to do awesome review for me. Rajvi 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you, Arpan for taking the time to do this rating for me. Rajvi 🙂
Rajvi is a professional that is looking out for your best interests! She makes the process easy and is there for any questions along the way. My small business was protected with her help!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Briane for taking the time to do this review for me. It was a pleasure helping you get your small business protected.
Gandhi Selim Law facilitated estate planning services for me. Attorney Rajvi Gandhi Selim exceeded my expectations. Being a professional should be a given in this line of work which she was but being able to explain the process and considerations I should make to someone who doesn't understand the law is what made her stand out. I felt more knowledgable when making final descions on my estate all thanks to the firm and will glady return for more services in the future.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Chris for taking the time to do this review for me. It is always a pleasure helping you.
I have been working with Attorney Gandhi for about 7 years now. I have worked with her in various personal and business projects in last 7-8 years. Rajvi has been very responsive every single time. Rajvi always takes her time to review the case and advise accordingly. I plan to continue working with Rajvi for a long time. Rajvi is one of the best lawyer, I have worked with.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Tejas for taking the time to do this review for me. It is always a pleasure helping you.
I placed a phone call to this lawyer to inquire about legal help. While her receptionist or secretary was lovely & helpful, Ms. Selim did not have the professionalism or courtesy to even return my telephone call. Having worked with prominent attorneys for over 20 years, I expected to hear back from her whether or not she could provide legal services to me. What a disappointment.
Response from the owner: Dear Susan&Chloe T.,Thank you for taking the time post a review. I would like to apologize that I did not meet your expectations. If there is anything I can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Rajvi first helped us close on our home 5 years ago..smooth and seamlessly! Last year she helped us prepare our Living Will and Trust. Not only did she educate us, but explained all our options and walked us through a very tedious process. Our confidence and appeal to her professionalism and extreme like ability lead us to refer many of our friends and clients to her over the years. We will always use her services when needed!.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Lee for taking the time to do this review for me. It was a pleasure helping you with your case.
We used Gandhi Selim Law for our home closing back in May 2020. This was our first time buying a home so we were very nervous and uninformed of the closing process. Rajvi was very professional and informative in helping explain the entire process for us. She made the entire experience as smooth as possible and was always there to answer our questions. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to real estate law. She is able to connect with her clients on a personal level to make sure they are always left happy and satisfied. We will be using Gandhi Selim Law for all of our future legal needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Pur for taking the time to do this review for me. It was a pleasure helping you with your case.
Gandhi Selim Law was exceptional in helping me through my legal issues. Rajvi is a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable attorney who will guide you through the process. She made a very difficult time in my life less stressful. I was in great hands. I highly recommend her services. I have retained her services for my Living Will, Power of Attorney, Divorce, Child Support, Estate Planning and Closing for the purchase of my home.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Nishita for taking time to do this for review for me. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Rajvi.
She's my go to gal for all of my legal needs I was in a terrible pinch with my custody case with my son, she got me as a father primary custody, and everything else that I asked for in the custody agreement and my case was handled in about 10 months total. If you need someone that takes no b.s. and has your back 100% then she's your lady. I wouldn't trust anyone else, with anything I needed a lawyer for.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Brendann for taking the time to do this review for me. It was a pleasure helping you with your case.
Over the years, Rajvi has provided me with exceptional law services. Starting off with divorce, child support and custody; she has not only fought for me but has also protected my interests. Always has a fast response to my inquiries and clearly explains the legal proceedings. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Karina for taking the time to do this review for me. It’s always a pleasure to help you and to make sure you are protected now and in the future. Rajvi
Rajvi was fast and amazing. A friend of mine recommended me to her and I would do the same. Thanks Rajvi for an amazing work.
Response from the owner: Thank you for this review.
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I had the pleasure of working with Rajvi. She is extremely professional, easy to communicate with, and gets results quickly. I would absolutely recommend her services!!

Rajvi Gandhi has given my husband and I a sense of relief. We needed to get our wills completed, power of attorney, verify our deeds were done correctly and dispute our property taxes to mention just a few things we didn’t know how to take care of. Rajvi answered all our questions, completed everything we needed for our future and the completion time was so fast. We have recommended Rajvi and her practice to several of our friends and family. Thank you Rajvi Gandhi for your professional services!

Rajvi Gandhi’s level of professionalism exceeded our expectations!! She has vast knowledge in multiple areas and handled our case with utmost care. She’s genuinely has the client’s best interest at heart and will fight for what is right. We will definitely use her services again and recommend to our family and friends.

Ms. Gandhi is an exceptional lawyer who helped me every step of the way with my case & I’m very satisfied with our outcome in court. She fought for myself & my kids as if they were her own. I highly recommend her to everybody who is in need of legal help.

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