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Why Your Start-Up Needs a Business Lawyer

The start-up phase of any business is an exciting yet tenuous time. A lot is dependent on early success, or at least the ability to keep going if success doesn’t arrive immediately. You’ll be making many decisions, and one of the best you can make for your new business is hiring a capable business lawyer

What Does a Business Lawyer Handle? 

There’s a wide range of specialties for lawyers, but business lawyers focus on keeping companies running, above board, and generally handling the legal ins and outs of running a company. They may assist with everything from preparing legal documents to mergers, meaning wherever your startup goes, a good business lawyer will be in step. 

What Business Lawyers Do for Start-Ups 

Startups need to have business lawyers for several reasons. One wrong legal step, in the beginning, can be costly, especially if you’re sinking everything into getting your business off the ground. 

Registrations, Permits, and Licenses

Knowing how to properly register your business is one of the first big moves. Without it, your business may not be recognized as a legal business at all. Any licensing or permit needs may be complex, too, meaning you’ll sink a lot of time into handling it yourself and risk misunderstanding or missing something critical. 

Choosing an Entity

Choosing the structure of your business is an early, crucial step for a startup. It affects tax filings, how money can be raised, and much more. A business lawyer assists with determining what is right for your business and needs, whether that’s registering as an LLC, partnership, corporation, or otherwise. There can be serious consequences for handling this step incorrectly or not understanding what you’re getting into, but hiring a business lawyer will smooth the process. 


When you form a startup, you establish new business relationships. Depending on the type of business, that could involve everything from vendors to licensing agreements. A business lawyer can help draw up agreements with the correct expectations and ensure that you and your startup are protected. 


A great business lawyer will make sure your business is compliant with any relevant regulations and codes. This helps you avoid future litigation or other consequences (like fines) and gives you peace of mind about your operation. 


The startup phase is one of the most thrilling parts of a business. Having an excellent business lawyer on your team gives you breathing room to focus on building that business up knowing the legal side is taken care of. Contact Gandhi Selim Law to learn more!

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