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4 Reasons Your Kids Want You to Create an Estate Plan Now

A lot of older parents put off estate planning or taking care of their final affairs for any number of reasons. However, it’s something that needs to be done, and the sooner, the better. Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy or those who have something to leave behind. Everyone should consider an estate plan to protect their assets (and their loved ones). 

Reason #1 – Peace of Mind for Everyone 

Having an estate plan allows everyone to have peace of mind knowing that things are taken care of. Then, when you do pass, your family will be able to focus on grieving their loss because the important details are taken care of. It will give you peace of mind, too, knowing your family doesn’t have to worry when you’re gone.

Reason #2 – Knowing Your Wishes 

It’s easy to think that your kids will know what you want to be done with your assets and other elements of your lives after you’re gone. However, you can’t guarantee that unless you leave them with the details. An estate plan ensures that your final wishes are known and executed as you desire. 

Reason #3 – They Don’t Want to Deal with It 

Your kids are going to have a lot to deal with when you do finally pass. Their own feelings and emotions will take center stage. Losing a parent is hard, even if it’s somewhat expected. The last thing anyone wants to have to do is to figure out how to divvy up their parents’ assets and sort things out after they’re gone. Take care of it now so they don’t have to. 

Reason #4 – Estate Plans Save Big Tax Bills 

There are a lot of tax issues that come up with the loss of a parent. However, an estate plan can help avoid huge tax bills. Estate plans allow you to allocate your money and dictate where it goes. It also gives you the chance to protect your assets from taxes and ensure that your beneficiaries get more of your money for funeral expenses, final bills, and other needs. 

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t have an estate plan yet, now is the perfect time to create one. Contact an estate lawyer who can assist you in making sure that your affairs are in order. The team at Gandhi Selim Law Firm is standing by and ready to help. 

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