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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you are likely feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and confused on the next steps of your case. While all defendants are offered  the right to an attorney and sometimes are able to utilize a Public Defender, there are significant benefits to working with an experienced criminal law attorney.


Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a defense attorney instead of working with a public defender or representing yourself, pro se.


You don’t have to do it alone.
While you may be eligible for a public defender, there are some situations when you may not qualify for one. In these cases, it is tempting to choose to represent yourself, which is called pro se. Those who choose to represent themselves often think that it will save them money, and many choose to represent themselves if their case seems uncomplicated.


Unfortunately, representing yourself can be overwhelming, confusing, and much more stressful than you originally anticipated. Even if you believe your case is not complicated, without the experience and education behind you, the simplest of cases can turn into major problems. You don’t have to tackle this alone; choose to work with an experienced criminal law attorney for the best results.


You get a choice.

If you choose to work with a public defender, you will not have a choice of which defender you work with. This can cause a litany of problems, especially if you don’t mesh well with the public defender who is assigned to your case. While you can ask to change under some circumstances, the process isn’t always efficient or quick.


When you choose to work with a defense attorney, you are able to pick which firm and which attorney you work with. Having the autonomy over this decision cannot only empower you during this difficult time, you can also be sure that the attorney you choose is one that you trust and can communicate well with.


You get the experience and the invested time.

Public defenders are often representing multiple people every day, which can sometimes make clients feel neglected. When you work with a defense attorney, you are given more attention and your case is given even more care. You’ll have time to talk to your defense attorney well before your court dates, making you feel confident – not rushed – when you enter the courtroom.


You get laser focus on your case.

Since public defenders are indeed representing many people at once, they are juggling many cases, court dates, and appointments each day. This can make some defendants feel nervous that their case is not getting the attention it deserves. If you work with a defense attorney, you can rest assured that they are only taking on as many cases as they can appropriately handle. You will feel more confident that your defense attorney is laser focused on your case, and your outcome.


If you haven’t yet hired a defense attorney and are in the midst of your criminal case, you can still make the decision to invest in your defense by hiring a private attorney with criminal experience. At Gandhi Selim Law, we are ready to step in at any time in your case proceedings. While an ideal scenario is to be there from the beginning, we are ready to work with you and counsel you no matter where you are at in your case.


Finally, if you are wondering if it is worth it to hire a defense attorney for small offenses, and not just major ones, it is always wise to work with a defense attorney no matter how small the charge or crime is. You are able to receive the best advice and counsel from a defense attorney during petty cases, misdemeanors, and felonies.


The team at Gandhi Selim Law experienced in criminal law cases, and we are a relationship based law firm. This means that you will get the attention you deserve. We will strive to get you the most positive outcome possible, while taking some of the stress of your situation off your shoulders.


Give us a call for a free 30 minute consultation so that we can get to know you and your situation better.


Can we add something about why representing yourself is not a good idea.

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