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Why a Private Attorney is better than an Appointed Attorney

A major difference between public defenders appointed by the courts and private attorneys hired by clients is the fact that if private attorneys fail to do a good job of defending clients, their businesses can suffer. On the other hand, no matter what their level of accomplishment in court may be, appointed attorneys are typically given more cases than they can handle and need not be concerned about business success.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Appointed Attorneys

The most obvious benefit of appointed attorneys is the fact that their services are provided free of charge to those unable to hire their own lawyers. In addition, public defenders work with the same judges and prosecutors day in and day out, and the relationships developed between public defenders, judges and prosecutors can come in handy during plea bargains. However, if a person is innocent and has no desire to plead, this benefit could become a disadvantage.

The greatest issue regarding public defenders is the size of their case loads. The number of public defenders is much smaller than the number of cases that need to be handled, thus requiring each attorney to assume a huge number of cases. On average, public defenders have considerably less time to devote to cases than is required to do an adequate job. In addition, appointed attorneys are difficult to contact except on the day of trial.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Private Attorneys

The only downside of hiring a private attorney is the cost. However, the fees charged by private attorneys will hinge on the types of charges involved in cases and the amount of work that they expect to take on.

The first major advantage of employing a private attorney is their great accessibility. Top-notch defense attorneys will be on call whenever needed, and will also have a staff that can assist clients if the attorneys aren’t able to do so themselves at any given time. Having more means at their disposal, private attorneys are often able to produce better outcomes for their clients. Moreover, private attorneys have considerably smaller caseloads, and avoid taking on more cases than they feel their staff can cope with. In the end, it is their business that is on the line in every case they agree to handle.

Another advantage of hiring a private lawyer is accessibility to more possibilities for presenting a defense. Because defendants pay for their legal services, private attorneys can employ expert witnesses and private laboratories to help in presenting their cases. These resources often make all the difference in court.

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