Weird Laws You Might Not Know You’re Breaking

Most of us have broken the law at some point in our lives, whether it’s accidental or otherwise. For the large majority of people, this includes simple infractions like turning on a red light, speeding, littering, and other minor offenses.

However, certain laws exist that you’ve broken and weren’t even aware of the fact they existed. This article will highlight some of these laws and how serious they are.

Ignorance Is No Excuse

Most people probably aren’t aware of the fact that these laws are real. However, in most states, you’d still be charged and convicted. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law (in the words of a judge), so consider yourself lucky if you’re reading this article.

Stealing Wi-Fi

Yes, stealing Wi-Fi is a crime, and you can be punished for it. Even stealing small amounts of Wi-Fi can get you arrested.

A man in Michigan was recently sentenced to jail time and paid a $400 fine for using someone else’s Wi-Fi. This was for connecting to a small café’s internet without paying for the service.

Sitting On the Sidewalk

The next time you’re tired and consider taking a load off, you might want to double-check the laws in the city you’re in. In 43 American cities, sitting on the sidewalk is a crime.

This law was created to combat homelessness in public spaces, but it carried over to average citizens. Cities that adopted this law include Santa Cruz, California, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Playing Poker with Friends

Even a friendly game of poker between friends can be illegal. Any card game that has stakes of more than $2,000, even if it’s private, is against the law. This is a nationwide law according to the Illegal Gambling Business Act.

Sharing Your Password

Do you have a Netflix account? You might want to think twice before sharing the password with friends or family members. A law passed in 2020 made it illegal to share your password for any subscription services when the other person hasn’t paid.

Throwing Away an Old Cell Phone

In states like North Carolina, throwing away an old cell phone is illegal. This law is created to protect the environment and states that toxins exist inside old phones that make them unsuitable for landfills.

You could be a criminal and not even know it! While most of these laws won’t land you in jail, they could net you a fine. Make sure you’re aware of all laws and infractions in the area you’re in to prevent any legal surprises while you’re visiting!

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