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Steps to Take When Beginning an Adoption

While there is little or no expense involved in adopting a child from foster care, the procedure for assuming the role of an adoptive parent can be lengthy and thus demands time and perseverance. Generally speaking, six to twelve months are needed to carry out the steps to become a licensed adoptive parent, including completing an application, experiencing a home study, and going to training sessions. The following are some ways to begin the adoption process. Although some of these steps may seem complex or time-consuming, it’s essential to keep in mind that, as with creating a parenting agreement, all parties involved in adoption are seeking the same objective — to guarantee the child’s safety, security, and happiness.

Educate Yourself about Adoption

Child welfare websites are good places to begin on the path toward becoming an adoptive parent. These sites contain lists of resources and factors to consider before starting out in the adoption process, such as emotional preparation and openness in one’s view about adoption.

Connect with Families Who Have Already Adopted

Many families find that the best sources of information about adopting are other families. Look for real stories and support groups on adoption forums and YouTube. In this way, you can interact with a large community of people sharing adoption experiences, questions and answers, and practical advice. You may also access state adoption information pages to find local support groups and other resources in your area.

Get in Touch with Your Local Adoption Agencies

To learn more about adopting in your state, speak with your local public adoption agency and/or several private agencies. Public agencies may recommend or require getting a license to foster children before adopting and will explain the basis for this requirement. In brief, even if you plan only to adopt, which is a long-term commitment, and don’t wish to provide temporary foster care, having legal permission to both foster and adopt can speed up the adoption process.


Go to an Orientation Session for Adoptive Parents

When you make contact with local adoption and foster care agency, you will likely be asked to attend an orientation session to learn about the lives of children in foster care; the functions and responsibilities of foster and adoptive parents; the process involved in adopting or fostering; and the next steps to take in pursuing adoption or becoming a foster parent.

If plans to adopt a child are in your future, get in touch with us today at Gandhi Selim Law Firm for a free consultation. Our experienced adoption law attorneys will be glad to answer all of your questions about how to become an adoptive parent.

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