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Social Media and Divorce

Today, almost everyone has a social media account. While a Facebook page can help you keep up with acquaintances and a Twitter presence can help you keep up with breaking news, social media can also cause major problems during your divorce proceedings. If you are separated or going through a divorce, there are a few social media best practices that could protect you in the long run.

Don’t Talk About It
Social media posts can quickly become used as evidence during divorce or child custody proceedings. To protect yourself, make it a personal policy to not discuss your divorce via social media posts or replies. This can include posting directly about your divorce or posting vague status updates that could be interpreted as passive-aggressive digs against your ex or situation.

Divorce cases can get ugly quickly. It is a highly emotional time for everyone involved. No matter how upset or angry you may get, refrain from talking about these feelings online or engaging in a back-and-forth argument via the comment section of someone else’s feed. If you notice that your ex-says something awful about you, screenshot it and then ignore it. You are better served remaining quiet and letting it play out in court.

Beware Your Photos
Photos can speak a thousand words, even if those words are not entirely accurate. For example, a photo of you in a bar surrounded by shot glasses could potentially be used against you in a child custody case. During your separation and divorce, it is wise to refrain from posting photos that include any substance use or that show a new romantic partner. You should not post these photos on your social media account, and you should regularly assure you are not tagged in compromising photos either.

You Never Know Who Is Watching
Even if you eliminate your ex and their family members from your social media feed during your separation, you still never know who is following your words and photos to report back to your ex. To be safe, carefully consider everything before posting it to your social media accounts.

When you are navigating a divorce, your best decision is the attorney you choose. At Gandhi Selim Law, we are well experienced in family law, giving our clients the best outcomes possible in court. Give us a call to set up a free consultation to talk more about your situation. We would love to help you through this difficult time.

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