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Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer During Your Divorce?

Everything seems extra complicated and stressful during the divorce process. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to assist you along the way. Most people will hire a divorce attorney, but few think of the value of hiring a real estate lawyer. If you’re divorcing and have real estate property that needs to be dealt with, however, a real estate attorney could be exactly what you need. 

What is Happening to the Home?

Is there real estate involved in your divorce? It’s important to figure out what’s happening with the marital home and any other real estate involved. In many divorce cases, one party decides to stay in the home, or both parties agree that one person will get the house. In other cases, it can be contentious and argumentative, which is why having a real estate lawyer on your side can help. 

A divorce lawyer can advise you on the division of assets and divorce topics, but a real estate lawyer will help you with all aspects of real estate so that you get the best outcome. 

Do You Have Complex Assets?

Some real estate agents specialize in divorce-related real estate cases. They can even get a special certification that focuses on tax issues, alimony and child support, bankruptcy, and other financial elements related to divorce and real estate. You can hire someone to help you divide these assets equally or to help you get what you feel you deserve in the divorce process, no matter what the details of your case may be. 

What Real Estate Lawyers Can Do 

In addition to advising you on the best way to proceed with your real estate in the divorce, a real estate lawyer will be able to provide a lot of valuable insight and advice along the way. They can advise on things like:

  • Pros and cons of selling vs. keeping real estate 
  • Family law and real estate issues 
  • Tax issues regarding real estate in divorce
  • Market values of the property
  • State’s property division laws and guidelines 
  • Etc. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are in a contentious or complex divorce situation where real estate is involved, a real estate lawyer can help you bridge the gap and resolve the situation much more easily and amicably. To learn more or get assistance with your real estate needs during divorce, contact Gandhi Selim Law Firm today.

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