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Co-parenting Tips if This Is Your First Christmas Since Separating

When you are dealing with separation, it can sometimes feel like your whole world is turned upside-down. Not only do you need to cope with the new situation itself but also many other changes that will affect your life. One of these changes might be how you spend Christmas this year. It might be the first Christmas you are spending apart from your children’s other parents. This can be a difficult time even for families who managed to stay together for the holiday season, let alone those who are coping with separation. Let us take a look at some useful advice that will help you come out stronger after going through a tough time like separation.

Work on Routine

One of the most important things in any child’s life is routine. They thrive on knowing what is going to happen next and if their routine is disrupted they can quickly become stressed and unhappy. In order to help ease the transition from a family Christmas to a single-parent one, it is important that you stick with your normal routine as closely as possible. If this means taking your children to school on the same days, making sure they have regular sleep patterns and eating times then do not let anyone disrupt them if at all possible.

Of course, there will be some concessions that need to be made during this time due to its unique nature but staying within the realm of normality whenever possible will mean that your children are able to feel secure and happy with what is going on around them. They may even find new traditions which they enjoy in their own right such as decorating a Christmas tree with you or going out for a family meal. The important thing is to make this time as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Be In the Children’s Lives

Family life does not stop when you break up and if your children are spending their time between two homes then both parents should always be in each other’s lives. This means that it is very important that communication continues between co-parents at all times, even when there might be disagreements about where certain events such as school plays and sports days should take place. Keeping open dialogue will ensure that neither parent loses touch with what is happening in the child’s life and they can feel supported by their dad or mum no matter where they spend Christmas Day itself.

Above all else remember, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas when you have separated from a former partner. All that matters is that your children are happy and feel loved during the holiday season so enjoy it as a family in spite of everything else!

Christmas can be a difficult time for families who are experiencing separation but if you follow some simple tips, this year could end up being one that you will look back on with fond memories for years to come.​ For any parenting tips during the holidays or any other time of year, reach out to us here at Gandhi Selim Law today.

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