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4 Times You Need a Business Attorney

Most people shy away from seeking out lawyer unless it is absolutely necessary. After all, attorneys are used for legal issues and nobody wants to have problems that qualify for that sort of assistance. However, business attorneys are good for so much more than just handling problems as they crop up.

An experienced business lawyer will help you create good contracts, establish appropriate employment practices, protect your intellectual property rights, and help you set up the company. Below, we’ll talk about a few times when having a business attorney is a good idea.

1. When Being Sued

Going into business means that a lawsuit could happen at some point. In many cases, the lawsuit will be sent to your business attorney. They will give you information on why there is a dispute and share methods for handling it. As an example, a contract dispute may be handled through mediation rather than a costly lawsuit.

2. For Employee Issues

Employment law is complicated. The topics of workers’ comp, family leave, overtime pay, and others are especially challenging to keep up with as rules change. In addition, the structure and size of your business can play into your options. As you start to create employment policies, it’s a good idea to take time to speak to a business attorney about your obligations and rights to your employees.

3. When Crafting Contracts

If you aren’t a legal professional, contracts can be highly confusing to deal with. This is another reason to spend time with a business attorney. They can help you build standard contracts you will use with clients, suppliers, and other individuals. When bigger deals are on the table, you may want to see them again to create specific contracts to avoid problems in the future.

4. For Changing Ownership or Business Structure

Choosing a structure is one of the first challenges a business goes through. The right choice is needed for things like stock options and tax liability. While you may be able to make this decision initially, some companies choose to change structure down the line. This is the right time to talk to a reputable business attorney to be sure you choose the right option. They can also help when you bring in new partners or investors.

Are you ready to bring in an experienced and reputable business attorney? The professionals at Gandhi Selim Law Firm can meet all your needs. We work with a variety of companies that require representation. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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